Where Does Falcieri Come From?

How It All Began

The Falcieri name was not something I plucked out of thin air. I wanted a name that would be unique. That if you typed it into Google you would get me and what I do. But something that was also personal. And a talking point. I am regularly asked where the name comes from. So for those of you intrigued by the origins, here it is.
Falcieri is an Italian surname. In fact it is a family name, coming from my great-great-great grandfather who was a Venetian gondolier born in 1798. I discovered him buried in our family tree when I began researching myths and rumours I had heard back in 1992. It's how my obsession with our genealogy began.  
Since then, researching his life has been an all consuming hobby that goes on to this day. His life was an incredible story of travel and adventure around the world from Venice to England, Jamaica, Egypt and the grand tour right across Europe in a time when horses and ships with sails were the main forms of travel abroad. 
He worked for the most part as a valet for some very famous people including Lord Byron, Matthew Lewis, Percy and Mary Shelley and Benjamin Disraeli and ended his days in London working for the India Office where he became famous in his own right.
In 2014 I published his biography 'A Most Faithful Attendant' but it's a story that comes back to find me again and again, and I have more scope for this project as a writer.